Angela Dominique O. Catedral – Batch 2020, De La Salle University ManilaBS Manufacturing Engineering and Management w/ Specialization in Biomedical Engineering
"Where Soul Empowers Technology"

Don Bosco Technical Institute – Victorias was truly the best training ground for me. DBTI not only shaped me to be the person I am today, but it also taught me to strive for more, to strive for excellence. I was taught the true meaning of Altiora Quaero, to always seek for higher things. With this always in my heart, I am able to grow holistically and become equipped with the necessary tools to compete on a global scale. But most of all, as a Manufacturing Engineering student with specialization in Biomedical Engineering at De La Salle University – Manila, I am truly grateful to have come from a technical institution. My passion for technology and robotics blossomed because of DBTI and I was given the opportunity to experience the wonders of it through the different facilities in the school as well as the work immersion experience I had in VMC. These theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills I acquired from DBTI have come a long way in my college life and continually help me to excel in the various technical courses I am taking. My college classmates would often say how they wished they were from a technical school as well because of the great advantages it has. Studying in DBTI – Victorias has truly become a platform for me to propel into the real world. I am and will always be proud to be a Bosconian.

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