Don Bosco Tech Institute – Victorias Welcomes New Students with Exciting Orientation!
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Written By: Benjamin Valenciano, IV

“Run, Jump, Shout, but Do Not Sin” – St. John Bosco

In the spirit of the wise words said by St. John Bosco, the Don Bosco Technical Institute – Victorias embarked on an unforgettable journey of welcoming its new cohort of students. With an invigorating and whimsical orientation program, the institution set the stage for an exciting school year filled with camaraderie, growth, and an unwavering commitment to upholding the teachings of its namesake.

Victorias City, August 17-18, 2023– The Don Bosco Technical Institute – Victorias welcomed its new batch of eager students with a vibrant and whimsical orientation program that left everyone in high anticipation for the upcoming school year. The event, facilitated by the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) and the Don Bosco Student Government (DBSG), created an atmosphere of camaraderie, excitement, and renewed enthusiasm for the teachings of Don Bosco.

The orientation, held on (August 17-18 , 2023) at the institution’s picturesque campus, was a testament to the school’s commitment to providing not just academic excellence, but also a holistic and enjoyable learning experience. The fun and engaging activities showcased during the event demonstrated the school’s dedication to nurturing the creative and social aspects of its students.

Leading the charge were the enthusiastic student leaders who masterfully orchestrated the activities. The members of SYM, under the guidance of their advisers Fr. Nioret Geronimo SDB. and Bro. Keith Joemarie Bernales SDB., took charge of ensuring the smooth flow of the program. Their dedication was evident as they facilitated team-building games, ice-breakers, and interactive sessions The dynamic lineup of SYM leaders, including Jemuel Robles, Earl Euie Galleta, Fiona Marchellie Bandong, Alexa Jane S. Perez, Maria Clariesse S Magalonga, Christian Sianson, Angela Jolie Lorenzo, Shaira Jan I. Albacite, Mabhy Cuello, Ansel Salud, Devan Gallardo, Artwin Jet Sigaya, Alexis Duyungan, Ella Gatanela, Ethan Daiz, Kate Aventura, Jasmine Daiz, John Cediel Estaniel, Ryan Aventura, and Benjamin Valenciano, IV, proved instrumental in creating an inclusive and engaging environment.

Equally commendable were the DBSG leaders, who invested their time and effort into making the event a success bringing new students closer together. Names such as John Benedict Nonato, Linggit Pantaleon, Joannah Dela Rosa, Occel Castro, Jillian Gustillo, Ginel Appolinario, Melyssa Gaile A. Estandarte, Clark Francis Andrico, Jude Steven Doromal, Paula Undar, Isaiah Casmier Delagao, Julianna Daiz, Ram Joseph S. Magalonga, and Luiz Anthony Sanchez stood out as pillars of support in creating an unforgettable orientation experience.

Teachers and Salesians of the institute also played an essential role in crafting this event. Their efforts ensured that the program was thoughtfully planned and executed well. The commitment of the Salesians of DBTI, Fr. George Allen Elevado SDB. and Fr. Elegio Santos SDB., Mrs. Edmalyn Alcuizar, Student Affairs Officer, and Mr. John Mark Encarnada, DBSG adviser, further underscored the institution’s dedication to fostering a holistic educational journey.

The orientation was not just about fun and games; it was a celebration of the timeless teachings of Don Bosco. Through engaging activities and interactive discussions, the new Bosconians were reminded of the core values that the institute upholds – community, excellence, and the spirit of giving.

As the event came to a close, the atmosphere was filled with gratitude and excitement. New friendships had been forged, and the students were now more eager than ever to embark on their educational journey at Don Bosco Technical Institute – Victorias. The vibrant orientation served as a fitting introduction to the school’s ethos and the Salesian way of life.

With the successful orientation behind them, the Don Bosco Technical Institute – Victorias community looks forward to a year filled with academic excellence, personal growth, and unwavering camaraderie. The event was not just a beginning; it was a promise of the remarkable journey that awaits the new Bosconians in their pursuit of knowledge and character development.

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