Things to Do to Beat Quarantine Blues
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As the Enhanced Community Quarantine ensues due to the presence of COVID-19, many people may have fallen into mundane daily routines as they stay in their homes. Many of those who do are left with too much time on their hands that they don’t know what to do with it. Some would spend their time doing nothing but sit in front of a screen all day long because they don’t see what else they could do. When in fact, there are many things for you to do than you think. Here are some productive ways to spend the extra time you have at home this quarantine season.

  1. Get into hobbies. All that extra time gives you all the time to get into your hobbies. Whether you love music, painting, photography, reading and many more, you would find this to be the perfect opportunity to practice your passion. If you didn’t have a hobby, then now would be a great time to get into one;
  2. Learn something new. You who are students might be thinking, school has been cancelled and I was happy it ended. Yet learning is not limited to when you are at school. Those who have already finished school are also welcome to learn new things. Read up on how to code or learn a new language. A new experience is always fun and exciting as you dive into it and perhaps may serve useful in the future.
  3. Exercise. Sitting around all day may have severe effects on your health. Getting up off the couch and exercising will help keep you healthy and fit against the coronavirus. Maybe you had so much to do that you had little time. Now you have all the time to get into a workout and keeping your mind and body in peak condition.
  4. Organize your things.Everyone has something they own that they rarely use because they rarely see it. Perhaps even things they own that are just cluttering up the space at home because they do not need it anymore. Whatever the case, organizing what you will keep and what you could donate or perhaps even recycle or upcycle will lead to a good time killer.
  5. Catch up to speed. Sure, during quarantine you aren’t allowed to socialize with your friends as much due to social distancing. It doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch. Maybe your friends are talking about Game of Thrones or maybe One Piece but you never had the time to get on to watching the eight seasons of Game of Thrones or the 925 episodes of One Piece. Now would be the perfect time to catch on to your social circle.

The World may seem to have halted in its tracks, it doesn’t mean you should. Now that you know what you could do with the extra time at home; Quarantine will not be holding you back. Fight the curve while also fighting boredom by doing something productive this Enhanced Community Quarantine period. Altiora Quaero.

-By Maynard Deduro

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