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We are currently facing a pandemic in the form of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19). While some of us are enjoying this opportunity to be with our family, a lot of us are left with feelings of anxiety brought about my uncertainties of the coming months. As we are guarding our physical health, it is also best to pay attention to our mental health.

Here are simple tips on how to stay mentally healthy in the midst of this crisis:

1. Recognize that this quarantine struggle is common to us all (common humanity), and it will definitely end. Be informed that anxiety can consume your whole being. Anxiety resides in the mind. To combat anxiety means trying your best to change your thoughts.

2. While we are overly concerned with our elderlies and children, may we also not forget to show self-compassion. According to a study, self-compassionate individuals are happier, less stressed, and more resilient (Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, 2017). Here are some ways to practice self-compassion:

3. Try to learn new skill like cooking, painting, drawing, or writing. It helps us alleviate the feelings of boredom and anxiety. It also makes us productive, and to look forward for the coming days while in quarantine.

4. Allocate time for exercise at least 30 minutes for 5 times a week. Exercise helps reduce the stress that we feel. It also contributes to better sleep quality, and helps elevate the mood by influencing the release of endorphins or commonly called as happy hormone.

3. Maintain “social” relationships. While we are not allowed to be physically near with each other, we can still maintain our social circle through social media. Spend time talking to your friends through different social media platforms. You can start planning your summer escapade, or also engage in healthy conversations about politics.

Cultivating a sound mental health is our communal responsibility. Let us together fight this COVID-19 pandemic in a state of well-being.

-By Chris John Bedoria, RPM, RGC


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