ACAD & TECH Program
"Where Soul Empowers Technology"

Don Bosco Vision


Don Bosco Technical Institute-Victorias envisions globally competitive Bosconians actively engaged in the society and the church, always seeking higher things.

Don Bosco Mission


The Salesian Catholic school of Don Bosco Technical Institute–Victorias, commits to a holistic and quality education for the young and the marginalized.

Don Bosco Core Values

Core Values

Don Bosco's core values are reason, religion, loving-kindness, and responsible service. These values are the foundation of the educational philosophy of St. John Bosco, who founded the Salesians of Don Bosco to serve young people.

Academic and Technical Program 1
Academic and Technical Program 2
Academic and Technical Program 3
Academic and Technical Program 4
Dual Curriculum

Academic & Technical

Don Bosco Technical Institute – Victorias offers basic education for elementary and secondary levels in accordance to the DepEd’s K-12 Program. The secondary level offers an academic-technical program aligning itself to the thrust for productive, relevant and quality technical-vocational education by the Department of Education (DepEd Order No. 37, series of 2005). The presence of both technical and academic curricula makes the student workload heavy and the schedule tight. Hence, students who cannot satisfactorily meet the demands of such a curriculum will be advised to transfer to another suitable school. DBTI offers elementary and secondary curricular programs as approved by the Department of Education (DepEd). In 2012, DBTI has started implementing the K-12 Program of the DepEd.

Kindergarten & Elementary


The Kindergarten The Kindergarten Curriculum of DBTI is anchored from the goals of the K to 12 Philippine Basic Education Curriculum Framework and adopts the principles of the National Early Learning Framework. In DBTI kids are immersed into a whole new experience of Creative Curriculum approach. They are trained to be efficient readers, life-skilled individuals through play, investigative thinking and collaboration while providing them opportunities to apply skills in basic subjects like Math, Science, Language and Literacy, Technology and arts. True to the Spirituality of St, John Bosco kids are given opportunities to bring project based investigations and play into kindergarten classrooms.

Academic & Technical - Kindergarten 1
Academic & Technical - Kindergarten 2
Academic & Technical - Kindergarten 3
Academic & Technical - Kindergarten 4
Academic & Technical - Elementary 1
Academic & Technical - Elementary 2
Academic & Technical - Elementary 3
Academic & Technical - Elementary 4


Basic Education is offered in the elementary. In the Primary Level (Grades 1–3), subjects are English, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, and Mathematics. Science is incorporated in English in Grade 1 and 2. In its stead is the Mother Tongue subject. It is a separate subject in Grade 3. Other subjects are Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (Religion) and MAPEH (Music, Arts, P.E. and Health). Robotics Technology, special sessions in music, sports are also included at this level for the early development of the pupils. For the Intermediate level (Grades 4-6), there are five major subjects: English, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, Mathematics, and Science. Others are Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao, Edukasyon Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan, and MAPEH. Edukasyon Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan includes: Gardening, Home Economics / care /safety, and woodworks. Computer Literacy shall be organized as a year-long session from Grade 4 to 6. Intensive Robotics Technology, special sessions in music and sports are also included at this level for the early development of the pupils.

Junior High School

Don Bosco has offered a unique dual curriculum that prepares young people not only in academics but also in technical related programs. Graduates of Don Bosco schools have been known around the globe for their practical and theoretical technical know-how and have been the best proofs of the quality education Don Bosco offers its students. We are also the first to innovate and one of the only schools to employ a unique dual academic-and-technical curriculum in the Philippines. Our technical programs not only enhance our students skills and knowledge in the fields of drafting, mechanics, programming, and electronics, but also encourage them to apply what they’ve learned in their daily lives. This, coupled with the fact of Don Bosco’s unique emphasis on character formation from a young age, has led to our graduates being well-renowned in the industry for their capacity to adapt and excel in their own fields, while retaining that signature Bosconian identity of remaining humble and morally grounded in whatever they do.

Technical Programs:
1. Wood Working
2. Manual Drafting
3. Computer w/ Robotics
4. Metal Filing Workshop
5. Electrical & Civil Technology
6. Mechanical Technology w/ Welding

Don Bosco Junior High School 1
Don Bosco Junior High School 2
Don Bosco Junior High School 3
Don Bosco Junior High School 4
Don Bosco Junior High School 5

Senior High School

Program Offerings
STEM Engineering
STEM - Engineering
Health Sciences
STEM – Health Sciences
Accountancy, Business & Management
Accountancy, Business & Management
Humanitites & Social Sciences
Humanities & Social Sciences

Don Bosco Technical Institute-Victorias Senior High School seeks to provide an educative environment where students can grow in their Christian values, acquire the needed scholastic aptitudes, develop a sense of nationalism, and increase responsiveness to changes and demands of society.
The Senior High School Department aims to create an educative environment that can produce graduates who embody Don Bosco’s ideals, graduates who are “honest and productive citizens, and committed Christians.” In effect the senior high school graduates must have a deep sense of nationalism, competent academically and technically, responsive to the social needs, and know as well as practice the life and Christian example of St. John Bosco.
Additionally, the senior high school graduates are prepared for the four (4) exits of their Senior High School Program: (1) higher education; (2) employment; (3) entrepreneurship; and (4) middle-level skills.

Don Bosco - Senior High School 1
Don Bosco - Senior High School 2
Don Bosco - Senior High School 3
Don Bosco - Senior High School 4
Don Bosco - Senior High School 5