Unleashing Leadership Potential – A Journey of Unity, Perseverance, and Triumph at Don Bosco Leadership Camp
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Written By: Benjamin Valenciano, IV**

Held at Don Bosco Boy’s Home Dumanggas Iloilo, Accompanied by School Guardians and Nurse

In a vibrant display of enthusiasm and excitement, students from the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) to the Don Bosco Student Government (DBSG) gathered at the plaza around 5:30 am, ready to embark on a transformative adventure. Their destination: The Don Bosco Boy’s Home Dumanggas Iloilo for the Leadership Camp – an immersive experience designed to foster and grow leadership skills under the themes of Dream, Build, Innovate, and Transform. Equipped with their luggage and necessities for the journey ahead, they were about to embark on a remarkable journey that would test their mettle and forge strong bonds of unity and resilience.

Accompanied by Authorized School Guardians and Nurse:

The safety and well-being of the participants were of utmost importance. The camp was made possible through the diligent efforts of Rev. Father Allen George Elevado SDB, the School Principal, in coordination with the Dumanggas facilitators and staff, especially Rev. Father Joel L. Juarao SDB, DB Dumanggas Principal, and the dedicated Dumanggas Facilitators and staff. To ensure the students’ safety, the camp was supervised and guided by authorized School Guardians, Ms. Althea Ledesma, and Mr. John Mark Encarnada, along with the indispensable presence of Nurse Mary Mae Abonador.

Upon arrival at Don Bosco Dumanggas Iloilo, the participants were welcomed warmly by the staff and helped settle into the camp’s charming facilities, including a chapel and separate hostels for men and women. The sense of anticipation and camaraderie filled the air as they embarked on the first day of the camp, which would prove to be a series of thrilling and challenging activities.

The adventure began with a Get To Know You (GTKY) session, but it was no ordinary icebreaker. The participants were tasked with tossing a volleyball to each other while saying the name of the recipient before throwing the ball. This activity taught them the significance of unity and understanding their companions – a crucial aspect of leadership that helps build strong relationships and effective communication.

The challenges only intensified as they engaged in an activity that demanded immense patience and teamwork. Balancing a coin on two fingers while holding hands with fellow group members, they had to pass the coin from one end to the other without dropping it. Despite the difficulty, they persevered, learning that patience and a steady approach can eventually lead to success.

Another memorable activity revolved around a volleyball game, where participants had to master the proper form and technique, hitting the ball twice without dropping it or exceeding two touches per member. The lesson here was clear – to never give up, even when faced with countless obstacles. A true leader knows when to rest, but they never give up and rise to the challenge time and time again.

The magic window activity tested their teamwork and problem-solving abilities. Merging all groups into one, they had to figure out a strategy to jump into a small hole without touching the net. The success of this task emphasized the power of collective effort and the importance of considering diverse ideas to achieve a common goal.

In the final activity, the Amazing Race, all the lessons learned throughout the camp came into play. With four challenging stations, participants had to analyze clues and complete tasks that tested them physically and mentally. Through unity, communication, patience, and understanding, all three groups triumphed and crossed the finish line, proving that together, they could overcome any challenge.

The Don Bosco Leadership Camp was not just a camp; it was a transformative journey that instilled in its participants the essence of leadership. Unity, perseverance, and teamwork emerged as the cornerstones of effective leadership. As these young leaders return home, they carry with them the invaluable lessons of the camp – the power of dreams, the art of building bridges, the spirit of innovation, and the drive to transform not only themselves but also their communities.

The legacy of this camp will endure through the inspiration it instilled in these young minds, propelling them forward on their paths to becoming compassionate, visionary, and impactful leaders. And as they embark on their future endeavors, they will continue to dream, build, innovate, and transform the world around them, leaving a lasting mark for generations to come.

Appreciation for Camp Organizers and Facilitators:

The success of the Don Bosco Leadership Camp would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication and hard work of the camp organizers, Ryana Quin Deximo and Sweden Pamplona, who ensured that every aspect of the camp ran smoothly. They were ably assisted by the enthusiastic and committed facilitators:

Group 1 Facilitators: Arjie Arguelles, Ceasar Cambel

Group 2 Facilitators: Jonamae Enumerables, Divini Oliver

Group 3 Facilitators: Hazel Dolorfino, Luisito Cagape

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