By: Pauline Joyce Quiamco

The student body, alongside with the guidance and assistance of the publication team—Ad Altiora, has gathered as one in order to showcase their utmost gratitude and appreciation towards the hard-working educative teachers and staff of Don Bosco Technical Institute Victorias on October 5, 2020. Despite the current situation of having everyone’s interaction go through the virtual methods and screens of their technology, this has not played as a hindrance to exhibit their appreciation towards the teachers. With their heart felt messages expressed creatively through videos, poems, essays, and even testimonies, the students has successfully shown their gratitude to the staff.

There was also a celebration prepared by the end of the day in commemoration of their hard-work and effort for the past weeks of initiating the online class. In the midst of today’s ongoing crisis, it has evidently inflicted different levels of difficulty through a variety of sectors in the world. Hope seems to chip of slowly and adjustments have been made in order to abide the given safe protocols to prevent the further spreading of the virus. However, the teachers throughout the world has managed to prepare different strategies and methods in order to serve education through screens and virtual platforms in such a short span of time; a very admirable feat of their dedication in fulfilling their roles as teachers.

They’ve been careful in going through the waters of the new experience of online learning and have been optimistic when serving the students with quality education, their patience stretched along with their consistency in bringing forth their lessons. It is evident to see that both sides of the educative community are going through difficult times in serving lessons and to also learn, the students are further adjusting to the new schedules and routines while teachers are paying off to think of methods as to how they will lay out their lessons to the students. Though, despite that, the teachers still manages to light up a flicker of hope; hope that everyone needs to have during the ongoing crisis.

These role-models has shown how despite the difficulty, it is definitely not impossible to learn and be enlightened within our homes, in the middle of this pandemic. It all depends to every individual’s belief and way in tackling the situation. With that, teachers may as well be considered as the students’ little candle of hope, warm and comforting for everyone to have.

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” —— Brian Herbert.

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