Juan Shot Stories: Usapang Bosconian
"Where Soul Empowers Technology"

Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco,
Figlio di Francesco Bosco,
Uno studente di Padre Calosso,
Un santo rinomato in tutto il mondo
(Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco,
Son of Francesco Bosco,
A student of Father Calosso,
A saint renowned throughout the world)

At the age of 9, you had a dream.
A dream that will forever gleam,
A hope that will bound bind the children’s future
A future that everyone wants to shimmer will give everyone a chance to glimmer.

You’ve succeeded throughout your life.
Guided the young ones through holiness and love,
Despite the troubles, you have encountered,
You never stopped moving forward, because your dreams will never be severed.

You are our role model.
Like a good shepherd that will forever be gentle,
Hail Don Bosco, our Teacher, and Guide.
May your dreams and our dreams continue to strive.

By: Roque Rod Philip Pasaquian, Vincent Primo Monte

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