DBTI Advisory
"Where Soul Empowers Technology"

To the Educative Pastoral Community of DBTI,

Greetings through St. John
Bosco’s dream!

As we journey towards the ‘new
normal’, we assure you that the Salesians together with the faculty and staff
of DBTI are continuously working on all feasible solutions to the challenges
that loom before us. We appreciate your effort in reaching us through your
suggestions and comments. We are one with you in your concerns and
apprehensions as together, we work hand in hand amidst all the challenges on
our way. As our partners in educating the young, we humbly ask for your support
and understanding as we iron and carry out our plans for the coming school year
to provide every Juan the best possible holistic learning experience despite
the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are addressing you now to
shed light on your queries and to help you see a clearer picture of the adjustments
we altogether have to go through to rise above our current situation.


Since, DBTI will be pursuing
for full online and blended learning, we have adjusted the miscellaneous fee.
However, due to the demands brought about by our new modes of learning, the
decrease in the miscellaneous fee is channeled to the other fees which constitutes strengthening the school’s
internet connection, setting up of DBTI customized Learning Management System,
and securing an online classroom platform.

For the coming school year, DBTI will be going for e-books in
partnership with Don Bosco Press.

For transparency, you can access the copy of the comparative tuition and
fees for school year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 as well as the adjustments made to
cater the new modes of learning.

DBTI will provide several tuition and fee payment schemes for parents to
choose from.


As presented on our previous
advisory, DBTI will utilize full online and blended learning as alternative
modes of learning. DBTI will go about our alternative modes of learning by setting up a customized Learning
Management System especially designed to address the needs of Bosconians.

A Learning Management System is an online system which is used to plan,
execute, and assess a specific learning process to support and augment
on-campus learning by providing space where materials can be stored and
organized, assessments can be given, and both students and teachers can
interact. On the other hand, an online classroom will be embedded in our LMS to
ensure that teachers and students can still meet face to face even in an online
platform so as not to limit interaction of the students to their teachers.


Despite the challenges of the new modes of learning, DBTI will still
push through with its technical subject offerings as to these subjects are part
and parcel of the whole essence of DBTI’s educative process. Addressing the
concern of technical remote learning, DBTI will make use its e-technical
modules and courses to deliver technical education remotely with emphasis on
the process of learning.

we are still in the midst of this pandemic, Don Bosco Victorias is doing our
best to address the gaps and deliver quality education that every Bosconian

your concerns and clarifications, please contact your Parent-Area In-Charge and
you can directly contact us here in the school. We will do our best to assist

prayers and blessings!


In Don Bosco I remain,

Fr. Rooney John G. Undar, SDB



Noted by:


Fr. Eligio R. Santos, SDB





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