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Nourish to Flourish

“You gotta nourish to flourish,” says the quote I have seen. A friend told me that when you aim high and seek for higher things, you must set a positive mindset for yourself. That even if you are dealing with something difficult and complicated, you must stick to your core. Stick to what you believe in.

I was motivated when I heard those words coming from her mouth. This pandemic made us all go through a lot of hardships and sacrifices and sometimes we feel like we are not on the right track anymore as if we are giving up too quickly. I must say that it really is hard to focus on something and set a positive mindset in order for us to aim high, but it takes a lot of process. It ain’t that quick to succeed and pursue dreams. It takes a lot of motivation, dedication and so much failures. I believe that success is not complete without failure. That aiming high is not made possible without learning from your mistakes and improving yourself to do better, to grow, to achieve and to flourish.

Mistakes nurture us, there might be some circumstances that we could face another challenges, another failures in the future. If there would be another failure, then there would be another realization and learning. Don Bosco had a dream for the young and this dream still lives on. It will never die, his teachings will forever live within us. These teachings will guide us towards the future, the daylight. Altiora Quaero. Let us always aim high and remember that we need to nourish before we flourish.

By: Ken Sianson, Princess Nicole Magalonga, Livrose Toreña

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