Kristian Vincent Villaruz Dumalaos – Batch 2013, Seafarer
"Where Soul Empowers Technology"

“ALTIORA QUAERO”, two words I always bear in my heart and mind wherever I go, whatever I do and whenever I achieved something big and worthwhile in my own selfless and humble ways. These two words are somehow became one of my very strong motivations in life that always reminds me the Bosconian Spirit which guided me all these years to seek for higher things in with humility and fear in The Lord and to continue to reach my dreams for myself, my loved ones and for everyone who am I caring for. Studying in Don Bosco is like exploring the vast oceans in different parts of the world, for we encountered different kinds of experiences and storms through the years of our journey as students. We faced different ups and downs and so many trials, we enjoyed a lot, studied hard, had so much fun being a kid and graduated with pride as Bosconians. Way back during our good old days at DB, I can say that The Lord truly loves us for He has sent people to help us grow and learn along the way in tracking this very challenging journey. We surpassed all the hardships and learned alot of things with the help of our educators who taught us different ways of learning while our Technical and Academic subjects which sometimes gave us pressures most especially the restless days and sleepless nights just to accomplished everything before the submission dates and passed every challenging tests and exams but those rough times and way of learnings truly made us skillfull afterwards, and also with the help of our beloved Salesian Priests, I truly felt that we are being guided to holiness since the very beginning, they really showed us the right path in reaching our goals with a humble heart. I also feel Blessed to reminisce the times when we are still SYM Leaders assigned in different sodalities during our 3rd Year and 4th Year, giving our extra time and efforts to serve the Lord with extraordinary responsibilities aside from our studies and tried our best to lead our fellow Bosconians closer to Him and to The Blessed Mother by leading them in our different spiritual formations in and outside the campus. This SYM journey way back then also helped me to grow and strengthen my faith and be a good example to other young people today in our work field in the ship and whenever I am home in our community. I can say that my journey in Don Bosco was really worth it. My parents made a very good choice to enroll me at Don Bosco to study great things even I am away from our family for so many years way back then just to give me the best education which molded me for being what I am today.

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