Jayvee L. Tornea (Batch 2019), Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering, John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation – Bacolod
"Where Soul Empowers Technology"

Don Bosco has helped me establish my personal life and has taught me how to be a nice and polite person. He has also taught me how to be strong in any situation. The things I’ve learned from Don Bosco have help me organize my time so that I can fulfill all my obligations as a student and a decent son to my parents. As a college student, I am aware of how difficult the pressure is when it comes to our school works. I won’t try to hide the fact that I consistently had failing grades while attending my high school at Don Bosco. But now I am very surprised, and thanks to Don Bosco for what I have learned, I am not falling behind to my classmates in terms of grades, which is what I’m very proud of. THANK YOU, DON BOSCO, AND TO ALL THE TEACHERS.

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